Edge Bands

Metal Edging for Restaurant Table Tops

Enhance the design and durability of your restaurant tables with this distinctive edge banding enhancement. Adding metal bands to your restaurant table tops adds a unique, one-of-a-kind touch that blends seamlessly into the design while serving a practical purpose.

For establishments with an industrial design, these edge bands are particularly useful. Adding a touch of rugged elegance to the tables, the metallic accents complement the raw, industrial design. But there are other advantages besides looks. These bands serve as protection for restaurant tables that are constantly used and worn. By shielding the edges of your tables from potential damage due to heavy objects or metal chairs striking the sides, they prolong the life and maintain the integrity of the restaurant table tops.

These bands are carefully constructed with a lot of consideration. Fitting snugly around the edges of the tables results in a smooth and reliable attachment. The bands become an essential component of the table’s design thanks to this snug fit, which also increases the table’s durability. The bands can be fastened with exposed decorative bolts or recessed fasteners to match unique designs. The exposed decorative bolts provide a striking, artistic touch, while the recessed fasteners give the design a sleek, streamlined appearance. With this option, you can further customize your tables’ appearance to better fit the distinct atmosphere of your space while still staying true to the restaurant’s overall design.

In conclusion, these edge bands represent a thoughtful fusion of form and function rather than merely being an ornamental addition. They are a great investment for any restaurant trying to blend functionality and style because they offer a strong protective layer, prolong the life of your tables, and simultaneously improve their design.

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