Pre-drilling for table bases

Pre-Drilling Restaurant Table Tops

For those who value efficiency and precision in the installation process of restaurant table tops, our pre-drilling service is a thoughtfully designed upgrade. We offer this service to streamline the setup of your dining space because we understand how valuable your time and resources are. With pre-drilled bottoms, we ensure that installation is as simple as possible when your tables arrive at your location. Installers simply align the predrilled holes on the tables with those on the base and secure them with screws. This method not only speeds up installation but also saves money for any business installing our restaurant table tops.

Because we understand our clients’ needs are diverse and that they may be sourcing table bases from a variety of sources, we extend this service to accommodate such scenarios. All we need is a top plate or template with the holes for the bases detailed on it. Our knowledgeable staff will carefully pre-drill your tables after we receive this to make sure they perfectly line up with the bases you have selected. Because of our adaptability, we can offer customized solutions, guaranteeing that even the most minor details are taken care of correctly for the installation of your table.

Our service goes beyond drilling holes; it is about understanding and meeting the needs of restaurant owners and managers who value efficiency and precision. Pre-drilling and all our enhancements cut down on hassle, so you can concentrate on what really matters—creating a warm and practical dining area. Give us the technical details to manage so you can concentrate on realizing your vision.

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