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Can I order round or drop leaf restaurant table tops through TimeWorn?

Our capabilities extend to the creation of tables in virtually any size or shape, inclusive of designs with flip-up leaves. We can masterfully craft a radius on the corners, and if you’re able to sketch a shape, we can bring it to life. Presently, we have the capability to produce a single slab measuring up to 5 ft x 20 ft. We employ mechanical hardware to connect slabs, allowing us to create lengths tailored to your preference. Our past work includes a single bar over 100′ long, constructed from seven slabs. So, it’s not just a possibility, but a feat we have achieved.

The durability of our tables’ finish is impressive, withstanding up to 10-20 years before requiring any sanding. The tables themselves possess an even greater lifespan. However, it’s important to note that despite our meticulous efforts to discover and apply the most resilient finish, capable of resisting scratches and scuffs, our tables are fundamentally made of wood. Therefore, under considerable force or usage of certain tools, they may still exhibit signs of wear such as scuffs and scratches.

We stock samples of all our products. The samples are 12″ x 12″ x the typical product thickness.
The first two are free of charge and additional samples can be purchased for $30 each.

Absolutely! Our selection of butcher block, standard plank, and distressed products can be custom made up to a substantial thickness of 4 inches. While we do offer certain products with a minimum thickness of 3/4 of an inch, we typically advise against anything less than 1 1/4 inches for optimal durability and quality. Please note, our mixed plank and rustic products are available up to a maximum thickness of 1 3/4 inches. Based on our experience, most standard restaurant bases range between 28.25 and 29 inches in height, making our typical 1-3/4 inch thick tops an excellent complement to these bases.

Yes! We are proud to say all our products are made in the USA

Sure, we possess the capability to fabricate individual table tops reaching up to 17 feet in length. Depending on the type of product, we can even extend this to a maximum of 20 feet. For bar tops that necessitate multiple pieces to attain their complete length or distinct shape greater than 20′, we incorporate domino joinery and appropriate mechanical fittings to guarantee a secure and seamless connection. You may find this comprehensive article enlightening on the topic: Bigger Can be Better

Using mechanical hardware which we will provide.

Absolutely not! Our table top designs are meticulously crafted to be entirely self-reliant when fixed onto a suitably proportioned base. In the case of bar tops, we suggest utilizing a bracket to reinforce any overhanging sections exceeding 12 inches.

Indeed, we offer a range of quick-ship products available in six versatile sizes: 24×30, 30×30, 30×48, 30×60, 30×72, and 36×36. Additionally, we provide a personalized service for made-to-order products. This extends to our quick-ship styles as well, and we can accommodate nearly any size you require, with widths up to 72″ and lengths up to 17′. Please note, our Mixed Plank style has a maximum width of 36″, and the maximum length will be contingent on your product selection.

Yes, absolutely! Every table top we make is solid wood and made in the USA

No. If you are working on a Leed certified project we would recommend using any of our reclaimed wood products.

Yes! Any product on our website with this symbol signifies that it is constructed using reclaimed wood:

Reclaim Recycle Reuse. Timeworn reclaimed wood restaurant community tables, Large Tables & table tops.

The wood we utilize predominantly originates from Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. However, we have occasionally procured specific species from various states such as California, Oregon, Idaho, and Missouri among others. The wood is typically salvaged from barns aged between 100 and 200 years, which are due for dismantling.

Yes, to do this we prefer to have you provide a specific stain color sample with a matching ID number. It will take 10-14 business days for a sample. Matching will depend on the type and grade of wood specified. Custom samples have a $100 fee

24×30, 30×30, and 30 round for a 2-top
30×48, 36×36, and 36 round for a 4 top.

The only pricing we currently list on our website is our quick-ship pricing. Because we offer over 40 tabletop products, we simply ask that you provide sizes and quantities as well as 1 or 2 products that you’re interested in and we will provide you a quote.

Firstly, our setup is optimized for handling bulk orders. We rely on large machinery, which, while efficient, requires significant time for setup. Consequently, if we spend a majority of our time setting up machines for smaller orders, the costs tend to escalate exponentially.

Secondly, regarding shipping, our charges are flat-rate. Interestingly, it costs us the same amount, $1,000, to ship a single 36″x72″ tabletop to California as it does to ship twenty tabletops.

Yes! We have Quick-Ship products for just this reason! See the options here: www.TimeWornUSA.com/quick-ship-restaurant-table-tops/
The bases we sell are also available for shipment within 48 hours: www.TimeWornUSA.com/table-bases

No, it is a dull finish, with an 11 degree sheen. Here is a list of sheens by degree:
Matte=10 degrees, Satin 20-36 degrees, semi-gloss = 35-70 degrees, high-gloss = 85 degrees or more

It is a Two Part Acrylic Polyurethane sealer and top coat. It is solvent-based and we use solvent based stains. It is manufactured and applied specifically for commercial, restaurant, hospitality use. Read more here: www.mlcampbell.com/product/polarion-interior-clear/

Our lightest is pine at 4 pounds per square foot and our heaviest is Maple at 8 pounds per square foot. This translates into 36 pounds for a 3′ x 3′ Pine table top and 72 pounds for a 3′ x 3′ Maple table top.

The coating applied to your tables unfortunately wasn’t tailored for the demands of a bustling restaurant environment. For your future purchases, we recommend steering clear of tables that utilize finishes such as conversion varnish, lacquer, rub-on finishes akin to Bona, or any type of water-based finish. Our selection, on the other hand, employs a specially designed finish made to withstand the rigors of high-traffic restaurant usage. This robust finish is engineered to resist degradation even with consistent cleaning over prolonged periods.


Do your bases come with assembly instructions?

They do come with assembly instructions printed on the boxes. For our customers convenience we have also created this short video to help answer any questions you might have: Installing your Table Bases

If you have experience using hand tools you should do ok. Here’s a video we put together showing how to attach your table bases to our restaurant table tops: Attaching your Table Bases

The bases are powder coated which is a very durable metal coating. Even still, there is always a risk of chipping when we’re talking about a metal paint coating. Although it’s extremely rare, we recommend that you contact us immediately if you experience chipped paint on one of your restaurant table bases.

The restaurant table bases we sell come unassembled and in a box. The instructions are included as well as the videos we have created make it easy to both assemble and attach your new table bases. Here are two videos that show the assembly and installation of your new restaurant table bases:


Who will I be speaking to when I call?

Although we have several office employees, we try to make sure one of the owners is answering calls so you’re not waiting for answers.

At this time we do not, but if we were to recommend a company to help purchase our products it would be Stearns.
www.stearnsbank.com Ask for John Erickson

You can call or email us the following information:
product selection
table top sizes and quantities
delivery address
billing address
contact name and phone number

sign quote / send PO
pay deposit
review and sign shipping doc


What do we use to clean our Restaurant table tops?

You have the freedom to choose any cleaning solution for our products. Our wood finish is industry-leading in terms of durability and resilience, and we have not encountered any cleaning agents that could damage it. We recommend environmentally-friendly options like Green Works or Eco Labs, or whatever eco-conscious product you find effective for maintaining cleanliness in your dining area.
For your convenience, here’s a link to easy-to-use wipes for quick table cleaning: Quick Cleaning Wipes.

The short answer is No. Once you have decided on a product and have received your sample we absolutely recommend you test the durability of the finish. You will find it impossible to penetrate through the finish and into the wood. In 5-10 years should your tables show wear from scuffing or similar there are a few products you can wipe on to remove the scuffing or should you want a “new finish” look the tables can be sanded with high grit sandpaper making them look like they were just newly finished.

Yes of course and surprisingly we get asked this once or twice a year. You will start by sending us several pictures of damaged area, this will allow us to put together the correct products in order to make the repair and successfully walk your contractor through the process. We do recommend you have either a handyman or carpenter complete the repair. We will supply you with the correct materials at no additional cost should it be within 24 months of receiving your restaurant table tops regardless of how the damage occurred.


Are we taking any risks by using solid wood restaurant table tops?

We have done everything in our power to remove any risk that may exist otherwise. A majority of companies will dry their lumber down to a moisture content (MC) of 8-10%, we take our MC down to 6% and under. This allows us to ship to any of the 50 states without risk of shrinking or cracking. We also primarily use quarter-sawn wood which is a huge cost on our end, but by doing this we eliminate the risk of the table tops cupping. Lastly, we coat our tables with a finish that outperforms 99.9% of all other finishes on the market. Together these crucial steps give us and our customers a product that simply outperforms all others on the market.

As of 2018 we have increased our full warranty from the industry standard of 1 year to a full 2 year warranty against all manufacturing defects. We also carry a full 10 year structural warranty on the wood itself.


Where do you ship?

We ship to all 50 states and export as well. For shipments outside the US, we can ship to your freight forwarder or coordinate with our own.

Our products are stacked with padded paper then shrink wrapped and nylon banded to a pallet that is made to withstand freight shipping. Once the tops are secured to the pallet, a 2×4 lumber and OSB shipping crate is attached to the outside of the pallet on all sides and top. See this example photo:

It will depend on your location. All table tops are shipped from our facility in Minnesota. Some examples are as follows:
For cities such as Chicago or Kansas City, the transit time will likely be 1-2 business days. For most locations in California, Florida, New York, or Washington the transit time will be around 4-6 business days. For Washington DC , Texas, and the Carolinas, it is usually 3 business days.

A good estimate is 10% of the table tops price can be allotted for shipping. However, an order for a small quantity of tops or for our quick-ship tops can be closer to 20%.
We take great pride in properly packaging our products for freight shipment. We choose freight carriers based on their reliability and proven history of delivery on time and without damage.

If you haven’t received an email outlining instructions on how to receive your tables, please let us know. You can also watch this video to see how the crate will be delivered and how it should be handled:

Once an order has shipped you will receive a general tracking email from the shipping company and a detailed tracking email from our office.

We have many carrier options and there may be expedited options depending on your location and budget. Guaranteed Delivery Service may also be an option if your delivery is time-sensitive. Inquire for pricing & availability.


What are your payment terms?

A 50% deposit is required with the remaining balance due when the order is ready to ship. An invoice for the remaining balance will be emailed about a week prior to the expected ship date unless other arrangements have been made. All orders must be paid in full before shipment can be scheduled. In the case of orders under $5,000 we ask that the order be paid in full when the order is placed.

Yes! We accept all major credit cards (AMEX, Visa, Discover, MasterCard), and wire transfer. We also accept checks but we kindly ask that any checks be sent with a way to track the delivery so that if anything should happen to the check we are notified.


Do you offer discounts?

Yes! Discounts are based on the square footage of table tops ordered. We also offer trade pricing. Inquire for details.

All products are purchased direct from us, the manufacturer.