Power & Data Grommets

Power and Data Grommets: Modern Functionality Meets Classic Wood Tabletops

Elevate Your Space with Integrated Technology

The Perfect Blend of Tradition and Innovation

By incorporating power and data grommets, we at TimeWorn are revolutionizing the use of solid wood table tops by fusing the classic beauty of wood with the practicality of contemporary technology. Our goal is to improve your eating or working environment without compromising fashion.

Why use Tabletops Equipped with Data and Power Grommets?

Practical Convenience: Give your visitors or staff easy access to data ports and power outlets so they can always be connected and powered up.

Smooth Integration: Our grommets are made to fit in perfectly with the wood of the table, preserving its organic look while enhancing its usefulness.

Enhanced Versatility: These accessories turn regular tables into multipurpose areas that are perfect for working, eating, or informal gatherings.

Sophisticated and Organized: The integration ensures that cables and gadgets don’t take away from the beauty of your space by encouraging a clutter-free atmosphere.

Flexibility for Modern Needs: Whether in a fast-casual restaurant or a vibrant office space, adapt to the demands of modern technology.

Our Commitment

Quality Craftsmanship: Each table is meticulously crafted to ensure the grommets are as functional as they are discreet.

Customization Options: Tailor the number and placement of grommets to suit the specific needs of your space.

Durable and Stylish: Choose from a variety of wood finishes and styles to match your decor.

Transform Your Space Today

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