The Top Trends in Restaurant Table Top Design for 2017

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Designing a restaurant is not a simple task. Without a clear vision in place, it can be easy for an owner to become overwhelmed with the many options and approaches to designing their restaurant. Each restaurant owner strives to create a space that is uniquely their own, while still feeling comfortable and welcoming for customers.

Here at Timeworn, we’ve helped thousands of clients of all sizes create a look that is distinctly their own. From large restaurants and casinos to small coffee shops and cafes, our wooden table tops have shaped the design of establishments across the United States and North America. By staying on top of the latest restaurant design trends, we are able to continually craft the most beautiful restaurant table top designs to support and drive our client’s vision.

Find inspiration for your new restaurant with these growing trends in restaurant table top design:

All Oak-Butcher-Block restaurant tabletops--Original-Color. Available as Very large restaurant tables, any shape any size!Lighter Woods with Thinner Staves

This year, there has been a spike in interest of lighter woods in our butcher block table top style. In particular, oak and natural color maple table tops have been very popular. These neutral colored wood table tops work well in nearly any restaurant design and the butcher block style provides an eye-catching appeal you don’t see often.

Flexible Seating Options

Owners are increasingly needing the flexibility to transform the layout of their restaurant design to meet the demand of their customers. Flexible seating options do just this! Using flip-up table top styles, such as square to round, square to rectangle, and rectangle to larger rectangle, staff can double the seating at a table by simply extending the leaves – no heavy lifting required.

standard plank walnut wood restaurant table. Experts in Restaurant Tables & Table Bases.

Warmer Shades of Stain

Mid-town browns stains in warmer shades have been increasingly trendy this year. Because of the growing popularity of this stain, we are excited to announce that we will soon be offering a new Pecan color stain for our restaurant tables. Be on the lookout for when this new stain becomes available in the coming months.

If you’re just beginning the restaurant design process, don’t go any further until you contact our team! We look forward to discussing design ideas with you and guiding you to the perfect restaurant table tops.

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