Timeworn Wood Case Study: Pyro’s Company

About Pyro’s Company, LLC.

Pyro’s Company is a restaurant management company founded in 2013 that operates three restaurant brands with multiple locations throughout Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama:

Pyro's pizza, Tennessee. Timeworn created Restaurant table tops, Restaurant table bases, Restaurant community tables, Barn wood doors and Barn wood siding for all of Pyro's locations.

Pyro’s Fresh Fired Pizza:

Fast-casual pizza restaurant focused on serving great pizza in an upscale/casual environment. The first Pyro’s opened in 2013 in Tennessee. They currently have seven locations across Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama and are still growing!

Timeworn created Restaurant table tops, Restaurant table bases and Restaurant community tables for the Levee Creamery in Tennessee.

The Levee Creamery:

An ice cream and coffee shop located in Collierville, TN. The Levee Creamery opened in April of 2017 and boasts a menu that features all types of ice cream and coffee favorites. Later in 2018, Levee Creamery will be opening its second location in Memphis, TN.

Wolf river

Wolf River Brisket Company:

A fast-fine dining restaurant that specializes in slow smoking brisket Texas style. The first Wolf River Brisket Company opened in Germantown, TN in February of 2018 and is currently set to open a second location later in 2018.

Restaurant Table Top Specs:

Pyro’s Fresh Fired Pizza

Rustic Patina Walnut Table Tops

  • Number of tables varies from 16-28 depending on location
  • Table top sizes: 28×24, 28×42, 28×72
  • Each location has one 17-foot communal table

The Levee Creamery

Rustic Patina Pine Table Tops – White Color

  • Number of tables: 15-20
  • Table top sizes: 28×24, 28×42, 28×72

Wolf River Brisket Company

Rustic Patina Pine Table Tops – White Color

  • Number of tables: 15-20
  • Table top sizes: 28×24, 28×42, 28×72

We sat down with Chad, founder of Pyro’s Company, to learn more about his experience working with the Timeworn team and the role the table tops have played in the design of his multiple restaurant locations.

How did you discover Timeworn?

I first met Amanda and Jared at the Chicago Restaurant Show in the spring of 2014. I was very impressed by their solid wood restaurant tables and what they could do. I knew right away that I wanted to work with them.

We had used a reclaimed wood product from a local table manufacturer in our first two Pyro’s Pizza locations. After just a few months of use, these table tops had already started to deteriorate, and it was clear their quality was not great. With this in mind, I was very eager to try something new and start working with Timeworn to build tables for our new locations.

What was your first project you worked on with Timeworn?

We were opening our third Pyro’s Pizza location and decided to use Timeworn’s table tops. We worked with the Timeworn team to find the restaurant table style that would match the design and atmosphere of Pyro’s Pizza and landed on an amazing rustic walnut table top. Once we saw the quality of these table tops in person and how perfectly they worked in our Pyro’s Pizza locations, we didn’t hesitate to replace the existing tables in our other two locations with Timeworn’s products.

Since that time, we’ve continued to expand our Pyro’s Pizza brand and have exclusively used Timeworn’s tables in each location. Throughout each of these projects, I’ve been really happy! The Timeworn team is very responsive and everything arrives when they say it’s going to arrive. It’s just a really easy process working with them.

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“I’ve been really happy! The team is very responsive and everything arrives when they say it’s going to arrive. It’s just a really easy process.”

Were there any hiccups in any of the projects? If so, how was that handled?

We did have one table top that did not perform as expected at one of our Pyro’s Pizza restaurants. I let the Timeworn team know about it and they provided us with brand new tables without hesitation. They handled it absolutely beautifully.

There also was an instance where some of the wood table tops were damaged while being shipped. Even though this wasn’t their fault, Timeworn worked with the shipping provider to iron out the details and ended up sending us brand new restaurant tables. Our team was able to use the damaged table tops until the new ones arrived and replacing them was a quick and easy process. They really went above and beyond to make sure we were treated right.

I couldn’t have asked for a better response than what Timeworn provided in both of those situations. These experiences really speak to their commitment to the people they work with as well as the quality products they create.

How did you select table tops for the Levee Creamery?

We opened the Levee Creamery in April of 2017 and were looking for something a little different than we had used in our Pyro’s Pizza locations. I got back in touch with Timeworn to see what new products they were producing and they recommended a reclaimed pine table top. We absolutely loved the look of these restaurant tables but because pine is a softer wood, I was concerned that they wouldn’t hold up as well as the walnut. Amanda reassured me that they had begun using a new finish that made these table tops much more durable than an average pine table.

Timeworn provided samples of both the reclaimed pine table tops as well as standard pine table tops for us to review. Our team evaluated the toughness and appearance of these pine tables and found that not only were they beautiful, but the finish on them made them extremely durable. While both types of the pine table tops were stunning, we ended up opting for the reclaimed pine table tops because we loved how the look matched the design of the Levee Creamery.

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“The tables get a lot of wear and tear but they have held up magnificently.”

Did you follow a similar process for the Wolf River Brisket Company tables?

Wolf River opened in February of 2018 and was a much different concept than our other restaurant locations. Knowing how great the pine table tops performed in the Levee Creamery, we decided to use the same product in the Wolf River location. The rustic quality of the table tops really helps support the look and feel we wanted to create at Wolf River.

We are currently in the process of opening our second Wolf River Brisket Company location and worked with Timeworn on the restaurant’s table tops again. I’m really looking forward to unpacking those tables soon and transforming the space into the next Wolf River Brisket Company.

Were there any unique requests or needs for restaurant tables in any of your locations?

We do everything unique! We asked Timeworn to craft our tables a little skinnier (28 inches) than a standard table top design (30 inches). This slight modification worked well for our locations as it provided more room for aisle ways and helped make table turns more efficient.

The design of one of our Pyro’s Pizza locations necessitated a half circle table top. Even though this is not one of their standard restaurant table top sizes, Timeworn was happy to custom build this unique table top and it fits absolutely perfectly.

Tell me about the large restaurant tables tops in your Pyro’s Pizza locations.

Sure! At every Pyro’s Pizza location, there is a 17-foot communal restaurant table. It’s hard to comprehend how large this restaurant table is without seeing it in person but trust me, it’s a big table. When we ran the idea of building this large restaurant table by the Timeworn team they didn’t even flinch. Despite the size, Timeworn has crafted each of these large restaurant tables with the same quality and beauty of their other tables.

How do the table tops support the design of your different restaurants?

Wolf River Brisket Company is a full-service fast-fine dining restaurant. We serve very traditional products smoked meats and high-end sides plated in a unique way. Our goal is to provide high end service in a casual atmosphere with finishes that are natural, not fabricated. Timeworn’s reclaimed table tops align perfectly with this concept! The matte finish of the wooden table tops allows the grain to come through so clearly giving them an authentic look that is anything but fabricated.

The table tops even feel like we wanted them to! When you rub your hand across them, they have a very smooth feel which is great as it makes them easier to clean. But you can also feel the subtle texture of the wood they were built with which just adds to the authenticity.

At Pyro’s Pizza, we strive to provide a different look and feel than other fast-casual pizza places. For example, we use granite counter tops and porcelain tiling throughout. Timeworn’s wooden table tops compliment this upscale feel. Having a 1 ¾” slab of real wood as a table top is much more refined and elegant than what you will see in other similar fast-casual concepts.

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“The tables have a very smooth feel which is great as it makes them easier to clean – but you can also feel the subtle texture of the wood they were built with.”

What have your customers said about the table tops?

I constantly receive great feedback about the table tops, especially at the Levee Creamery and Wolf River Brisket Company locations. It’s very common for us to hear “We love these table tops!” and “These tables are great!” from our customers. Hearing this feedback about the pine tables at the Levee Creamery is part of what motivated me to use the same table top style at Wolf Ridge Brisket Company.

Our employees also love Timeworn’s table tops! The tables we originally had at the first two Pyro’s Pizza locations were not durable or easy to clean and just didn’t hold up. Food would collect in the tables’ grooves making it hard to clean and in just a few months of use the finish began coming off. We’ve never had any of these problems with the Timeworn table tops and our employees are always impressed by how easy they are to clean.

Anything else you’d like to add?

It’s just so easy to work with Timeworn. I know I’m going to get a fair price, be treated fairly throughout the process, and get a high-quality product. In addition to that, I trust them. I know that if something doesn’t work, they’re going to fix it and take care of it.

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