Bigger Can Be Better: Looking for Large Restaurant Tables? We’ve Got You Covered.

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Large maple nut long restaurant table. Located in Cleavland Ohio. Timeworn can create single restaurant tabletops up to 17'!

Timeworn proudly stands among the few companies in the country proficiently building and shipping expansive restaurant and bar tops nationwide. Our skilled team utilizes top-quality equipment to craft single solid wood restaurant table tops measuring an impressive 72” in width and 204” in length – a substantial 6’ by 17’. This robust table accommodates 23 people, surpassing the typical Thanksgiving feast setup. Opting for seams or multiple tops for extended lengths poses no limitations on our capabilities, ensuring flexibility in accommodating any desired size or seating capacity.

Beyond traditional rectangular restaurant table tops, our team excels in crafting round tables up to 72” in diameter. Specially tailored equipment, including a 17’ glue-up rack from Canada, one of the largest U.S. CNC routers in the country and a German saw capable of cutting 20’ or longer, enables us to bring these oversized designs to life.

Recognizing the impact of well-sized table tops on efficiency and profits, we advocate for thoughtful selection in restaurant, bar, or commercial spaces. For smaller establishments, our recommendation often involves using smaller table tops that can be combined when accommodating larger groups. Although combining two four-person table tops may reduce overall seating by two individuals, it typically proves a more practical solution than having one table seating 8 in a constrained space.

Installed Large community table made from reclaimed pine in original color. Available in any shape and any size!

So, What is Considered an Oversized Table Top?

Any large restaurant table design that exceeds 36” in width or 96” in length is deemed oversized.

Why Do We Charge More for These Extreme-Length Pieces?

It’s no easy feat! Our team starts by procuring the right-length wood, followed by crafting the table using our specialized equipment. The entire process demands significantly more time and resources compared to a more modest-sized restaurant table. Additionally, moving a 100 square foot table requires a team of 8!

Who Typically Orders these Large Restaurant Tables?

In general, the larger the restaurant the larger the tables you might find. There are also certain restaurants that specialize in large groups or events where you will find large community tables. When done right, these tables will greatly enhance the restaurant’s overall ambiance. Having large restaurant tables available will also reduce customer discomfort that often occurs when crowding too many small tables into a space.

Are there drawbacks to opting for larger restaurant tables?

In essence, yes. Once you choose larger tables, you commit to a fixed seating capacity. Furthermore, it becomes challenging to relocate a larger table if you ever wish to exchange it for smaller tables, especially for a single evening.

Butcher block original color community table for tree steakhouse located in Jacksonville, Florida by Timeworn voted best in customer service and quality!

See What’s Possible with Timeworn’s Larger Restaurant Table Tops!

While a larger table can make a dramatic statement in restaurant design, careful consideration is crucial before making a commitment. Timeworn’s team has assisted literally 1,000’s of restaurant owners and design firms, offering guidance tailored to their unique needs. If contemplating the use of large tables in your restaurant design, reach out to us first! We’ll navigate through various options and provide innovative ideas you may not have considered.

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