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Quick-Ship Dining Tables: Combining Convenience and Style

Our Quick-Ship restaurant tables offer a harmonious blend of convenience and style, making them an ideal choice for restaurant owners looking to balance practicality with aesthetic appeal. Restaurant owners can enjoy incredible convenience with our quick-ship tables that can ship within three business days, reducing the waiting period associated with ordering custom tables by up to 90%. Our quick-ship tables are now available in five unique styles, so they can blend well with a variety of restaurant designs. These tables shine in the world of restaurant design because they can accommodate last-minute requests at a cost that is significantly less than most, if not all, of the alternatives.

QS Mixed Plank Maple Table Tops By TimeWorn
Mixed Plank Maple Quick Ship Tabletops
QS Mixed Wide Plank Red Oak Walnut MPRO WA Restaurant Tables Tops By Timeworn
Mixed Plank Oak-Walnut Stain-Quick Ship Tabletops
QS Mixed Plank White Oak Restaurant Tables Tops By Timeworn
Mixed Plank White Oak Original-Quick Ship Tabletops
QS Mixed Plank Red Oak Charcoal MPRO DS BR Restaurant able Top by Timeworn
Mixed Plank Oak Distressed Bourbon-Quick Ship Tabletops
QS Mixed Plank Pine Rustic Patina Table Tops By TimeWorn
Mixed Plank Rustic Pine Quick Ship Tabletops

A Guide to Choosing the Best Quick-Ship Restaurant Table Tops

The first thing to think about is where your tables will be installed. If we are talking about a bar scene or a spot where the tables might take a bit of a beating, you might want to skip our darker shades, such as our rustic pine and our mixed plank oak with the walnut stain. These two are fantastic table options, but after years of abuse, you are bound to see some wear signs on their darker surfaces.

If you know the tables are going to take a serious beating, you might want to consider the distressed mixed plank oak. Its character has already been thoughtfully added, and it can withstand wear and tear without significantly altering its appearance. On the other hand, if you know it will be rough, but the distressed look isn’t appealing to you, we suggest either the clean look of maple in its original color or our mixed plank oak, also in its original color. In a rowdy environment, any one of these three choices would be acceptable.

Now, if your setting is more fast-casual or fine-dining, then you are in luck, as any of our five options would look and work fantastic for many years. It is important to note that all three of our options made of Mixed Plank Oak are 1 ¼” thick, so even though they are rock solid, moving them around will be effortless in the event that you need to rearrange your tables in the middle of a shift.  For reference, a typical 1 ¾” table that is 24” x 30” in oak weighs 40 lbs.  Whereas one of our Mixed Plank Oak Quick-Ship tables in the same 24” x 30” weighs 25 lbs. 

Our goal is to make certain that you have everything you need prior to placing your order, so please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you require some assistance making a decision.

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The Art of Shipping Quick

All right, so you want your tables shipped out in a moment’s notice, like within 72 hours? Here is the lowdown on how we can actually accomplish that.

Even though we recommend a sample, if you are one of our repeat customers and you do not want to see a sample, we can move on to the next step. However, if you are not one of our repeat customers, you will need to receive and approve a sample before we can move forward. We can overnight your samples, but they must go out before 3 p.m. CST if you want to receive them the next day and if you do need them shipped overnight there is an additional fee of $150. This means you must make decisions quickly about the samples you need. If you cannot decide between two products, no problem; we will ship you two samples free of charge. Our samples are the largest in the industry. You can test your samples however you like—spilled wine, shattering glasses, hot pans, or boiling soup—we just want you to be happy with your choice.   Measuring 12″ by 12″, you will get a true feel for your tables before you ever place your order.


We will email you a quote while you wait for your sample to arrive. For that, we need some critical information: your name, the name of your restaurant or establishment, the address of where we are shipping your tables to, confirmation of a loading dock or ability to unload the tables once they arrive, and lastly, the quantity and size of tables you will be needing. At this time, you will also need to decide on enhancements: pre-drilling for installing table bases and whether you need table bases with your new tables. We will finalize your quote as soon as we have all this information. We must also receive payment before we can proceed with shipping your tops. We accept credit cards, but there is a convenience fee. You can pay with a wire transfer, money order, or check to avoid the convenience fee.

Crate PhotoOur office will set up shipment before your tables are even placed on the pallet. We will pull all your tables for shipment, stack them, and crate them. Our office will then email you detailed receiving instructions. We cannot emphasize this enough; you must fully read the receiving instructions and fully understand everything it states. If you do not, We strongly recommend you call our office to answer any of your questions. There is nothing worse than being unprepared to receive your new tables. And it is unavoidable that one in twenty customers will either neglect to read the receiving instructions at all or simply skim over them. We provide clear instructions on how to track your shipment in the receiving instructions, so calling our office to track a package is an obvious indication that you have not read these instructions. 

So, if everything goes smoothly, here is the exciting part: your tables could be coming your way in just three business days, and sometimes quicker! Please note that the world of shipping can be unpredictable. Factors like your location and the time of year can affect the transit time. As an example, most shipments can reach their destination within 2-5 business days, however, around the Christmas Holiday this can be as long as 15 business days and is exactly why we don’t like to ship the week before or the week after Christmas.  So, while we do everything in our power to get your tables to you at lightning speed, it is great to have a little bit of patience just in case.

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Utilizing Quick-Ship Tables for Rapid Redesigns in the Hospitality Industry

In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, it is crucial to be able to redesign and adapt their spaces quickly, and that is where Quick-Ship tables enter the picture. For instance, our maple Quick-Ship tables, with their natural soft white and light brown tones, would be an excellent choice for a coastal hotel hoping to create a beachier vibe for the summer. Alternatively, our mixed plank oak in its original color or even stained walnut could provide an equally quick delivery for an upscale, urban hotel bar seeking a sleek, modern look. If we go the conventional route, custom table top orders can sometimes take us 4-6 weeks to complete. Conversely, Quick-Ship tables are prepared for shipment in less than 72 hours.

Because the Quick-Ship tables come in five distinctive styles and six different sizes, they are perfect for a quick redesign. It also allows the hospitality sector to maintain its brand image while meeting the changing needs of its clientele. This ease of redesign enables a more responsive and customer-focused approach that ensures their space is always on-trend, functional, and inviting.

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Understanding the Low Cost of Quick-Ship Restaurant Tables for Economical Efficiency

Being economically efficient can be paramount in the restaurant industry, and understanding the low cost of our Quick-Ship restaurant tables can provide significant insights into achieving cost-effectiveness. Several key factors contribute to the low cost of these tables, resulting in their low cost.

The manufacturing process of our Quick-Ship restaurant table tops is streamlined for mass production. By producing massive quantities of tables in standard designs and sizes, we can achieve very low production costs. Standardized designs also reduce the complexity of production, which in turn lowers the cost of both labor and materials. Additionally, using select materials that are cost-effective also helps us keep our production costs down.

Another huge factor in lowering the cost of Quick-Ship tables is the reduction in the design and selection phase of the process. Custom restaurant table tops require a selection from a much larger range of available products. The quotes become much more difficult as there may be as many as twenty different table sizes and six different enhancements in each custom table quote. By having a stock of ready-to-ship tables, we can provide an extremely fast quote and turn-around time to ship. These time and cost savings are especially helpful for restaurants that must open quickly or on a tight budget.

Just as with some of our most profound changes over the last 15 years, our Quick-Ship product line was born as an idea suggested by our customers. Our customers constantly asked if we had a more affordable option or if we could ship within a week. We knew we had something that would be successful when we eventually put this product line into action.

Quick-Ship restaurant tables have become one of our most popular, offering exceptional value and quality to our customers. The Quick-Ship success story highlights the invaluable importance of client feedback. This product line meets the needs of fast-paced, cost-conscious restaurants, hotels, offices, breweries, and so many more venues. Our Quick-ship tables are a great example of how we incorporate customer insights into our business model leading to highly functional and value-added products. Our dedication to continuously improving our offerings and products is what drives our market success and growth. 

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I forgot to order tables for my new restaurant. How quickly can I expect my Quick-Ship tables to be delivered?

We can ship table tops in under 72 hours, and depending on your location and time of year, shipping can take 2–5 business days. So the overall time required from when you first reach out to us to delivery should be between 5 and 8 business days.

No, there are no extra charges for delivering quick-ship tables, and in fact, it is oftentimes much less expensive to crate and ship our Quick-Ship tables as they are not oversized.

Here is the product page for our quick-ship line: TimeWorn Quick-Ship Restaurant Tables

Unfortunately, you cannot buy custom shapes and sizes in our quick-ship line and have them ready to ship within 72 hours. However, if you want to place an order for the sizes we stock, we can schedule any custom sizes or shapes and ship them at a later date. We ask that you allow 3-4 weeks to complete custom orders.

Quick-Ship restaurant tables are built using Maple, Pine and Oak.

If you are not a repeat customer, we not only provide samples, but we also require our customers to receive a sample before we begin working on an order or shipping a quick-ship order. Our samples are industry-leading 12” x 12” in size, so when you receive your sample, we highly recommend you submit it to any chemicals, heat, or wear that your tables would experience once installed.

If you have the product selection made, the sizes, and the quantities you want to order, we can get an up-to-the-minute count for you. If for some reason, we cannot fill your order with what we have on hand, we will honor the pricing we have on our website and fill the order within 2-4 weeks.

Yes, we have an industry-leading 2-year warranty, and should your tables have clear problems from something we did that failed, we will likely still replace them well beyond that 2-year timeframe.

Quick-Ship tables cannot be used outdoors.

Quick-Ship tables do not come with bases, so you will need to attach the solid wood table tops to your bases. If you do not have bases, you can visit the restaurant table base section of our website and order them through us.

We have tested just about every tabletop cleaner on the market. We feel confident in stating you can use just about any disinfectant or table wipe you can find. We recommend testing your cleaner on the sample we provided. When you receive your tables we also include an install and care guide outlining the “do’s” and “do not’s” of owning solid wood tables.

We can only return quick-ship tables that have not been drilled or installed in any way. You would be responsible for reassembly of the crate, securing the tables to the pallet, shipping them back to us and there is a 20% re-stocking fee.

Rush orders for table tops are always possible, but not guaranteed. Depending on availability and our schedule this can cost an additional 10-30%.

Quick-ship tables are built in the exact same way as our custom-made tables.

Typically Quick-Ship tables are not discounted as they are already priced well below custom restaurant table tops.

Unfortunately, we do not sell Quick-Ship tables to residential customers. Our minimum order requirement is fifty square feet, and we ship by LTL which requires a commercial address to ship to.

Credit card, check or wire transfer are the most common methods used to pay for quick-ship table orders.

Quick-Ship tables come in six sizes. If you need your wood table tops in sizes other than our stocked sizes, we can make custom wood tops in any size. Custom tops take 3-4 weeks to complete.

All Quick-Ship tables built of solid wood. Wood is a sustainable product and if you want an even more eco-friendly product, we suggest choosing one of reclaimed wood products. If you go to our /restaurant-table-tops/ page and select “reclaimed” on the selector bar to the left, you will see all of our reclaimed wood table tops made from 100% reclaimed barn wood.

We include instructions for receiving your tables once your order is placed. In short, you must inspect the tables when the truck delivers and if you find damage it is imperative that you make a note on the Bill of Lading (BOL). From there, we will immediately ship you a replacement table top.

Yes, you can track your wood table top order. Included in your receiving instructions will be a tracking number and a phone number to reach the shipper should you have any further questions.

Our Quick-Ship tables have shipped to several continents. It would be helpful if you have an international shipping broker to make arrangements. If you do not, we can guide you through the process.

Our tables can hold just about anything you can place on them. We have only had one table crack under the weight of something. This was a community table that was being used as a dance floor by a dozen people.

You cannot customize a Quick-Ship table. However, if you are willing to wait 3-4 weeks, you can place a custom order with us and add any of our customization options. If there is an option you do not see, please ask as we have performed 100’s of customizations to our tables.

Anywhere you might find a table, you can use quick-ship tables.

If you have flood damage from a hurricane or storm, we can ship in 72 hours or less. If you placed an order to receive tables from another company and they simply failed to deliver or they shipped you wood table tops that simply aren’t acceptable, we can get you what you need!

Our customer support is always available for questions or concerns.

Simply go to our contact page, fill out all the questions and we will begin the process.

To read more frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ page.  To place your order, please Request More Info Now!

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