Table Bases

Timeworn Restaurant Table Bases

TimeWorn takes pride in delivering not just exceptional wooden table tops but also professional-grade restaurant table bases. Our extensive range of table bases is meticulously designed to offer diverse and sturdy support, precisely tailored for our high-quality wooden restaurant table tops.

Whether you’re outfitting a cozy bistro or a bustling bar, TimeWorn ensures that our array of table bases not only complements but elevates the overall aesthetic of your space. Place your trust in the durability of our table bases, seamlessly integrating with our wood tabletops to establish a cohesive and stylish foundation for your restaurant or bar setting.


Explore the full spectrum of options available in the selector bar to discover the perfect match for your establishment.



Flat Tech: The World’s leading Manufacturer of self-leveling table bases.

Flat EQ: Table bases created by Flat Tech with self-leveling attachments to each foot.  This is a cost-effective alternative to fully integrated self-leveling bases.

JI Bases: Focusing primarily on Cast Iron table bases, JI has the market cornered in affordable bases.  When most people think of table bases or sit at a restaurant, they’re likely sitting at a table perched atop a JI base.

TimeWorn: We offer Bolt-down bases as well as a wide variety of communal and custom bases.  Our bases are over-engineered and everything we build is made right here in the good ol’ USA.


Round: Round bases can have a very appealing aesthetic.  Please remember when choosing these bases that it can be difficult to tuck your chairs tight up against the table without hitting the round base.

Square: Square bases provide a uniform design that other base styles cannot achieve with square tabletops.  Please remember when choosing these bases that it can be difficult to tuck your chairs tight up against the table without hitting the square base.

2-Prong: These are typically found on either end of a large table, working together to support larger tables.  On occasion, we’ve been asked to include these on the end of wall-mounted tables, which will help support the table’s weight while putting less pressure on the wall you are mounting your table to.

3-Prong: For someone looking for something just a little different, this may be the added detail you need to complete your seating design.

4-Prong: These bases account for 90%+ of all bases on the market.  They allow you to place your chairs fully up under the table and with 4 prongs you’ll maximize the stability and strength of your base.

Bolt Down:  Obviously it’s not practical in every restaurant or situation, but when your design works best by not having your tables moved, bumped or shuffled around, this is the answer.  There are a variety of options from our manufacturers and we have become somewhat of experts in manufacturing custom bolt-down bases for various tabletop sizes and situations.

Table Base Height

Wall Mount:  Whether you have a booth or need an ADA tabletop, these bases allow for maximum movement around and under the tabletop surface.

Dining Height:  These bases create a 29-31” tabletop surface height, depending on the tabletop you select.

Bar Height: These bases create a 41-43” tabletop surface height, depending on the tabletop you select.  This will allow a 30” high bar stool to fit comfortably under the tabletop.

Counter Top Height: This isn’t as common as dining or bar height bases, but in certain situations, a design will call for a 36” tall surface, and these bases will accommodate that need.


Cast Iron: Cast Iron is created by reducing iron ore in a blast furnace and then pouring the liquid iron into a cast.  In this situation, the top and bottom parts of the table base are cast while the column is solid steel.  This is the least expensive way to create a table base.

Stainless Steel:  Solid Stainless steel table bases are, without a doubt, the most expensive route a restaurant owner can take.  It also has the least number of options and availability.  It provides a very clean and modern look that will stand out in whatever space they are used.

Steel: This is more expensive than cast iron, but also exponentially stronger.  You will find that only wall-mounted and floor-mounted bases are made of steel.


Black Powdercoat: Most bases are coated with powder coating.  It’s inexpensive and durable.  Yes, it can chip, but it takes a heavy beating to do so.

Brushed Stainless Steel: Contrary to its name, stainless steel is not brushed on, but rather describes the machined look of stainless steel.  This process allows for a more satin sheen and helps prevent smudges or similar markings.