Walnut Butcher Block Chocolate Tabletops



Walnut Butcher Block Chocolate Tabletops

Enhancing Walnut Restaurant Table Tops with a Chocolate Stain

Staining Walnut Wood

An application of chocolate stain transforms walnut wood’s natural grain patterns. The stain is applied generously by hand and then rubbed in to ensure it soaks deep into the wood’s pores. The result is a darker, more pronounced grain pattern, making it a fantastic choice for those who love Walnut’s natural look but desire a deeper, richer tone.

Table Top Style: Butcher Block
Wood Species: Walnut
Wood Source: New
Lead Time: 3-4 weeks but may vary depending on the species and quantity ordered
Texture: Smooth
Edge Profile: Eased Edge, others available on request
Color Options: Chocolate, Espresso, Original
End Style: Full Plank
Thickness: 1-3/4″, others available on request
Staves: 3/4″

The Popularity of Chocolate Stained Walnut Tables

People often associate walnut with a darker color than what actually exists. However, its unstained version is significantly lighter. That’s why our chocolate-stained walnut butcher block table tops meet the popular demand for darker tones. This stain doesn’t just deepen the color; it adds uniformity that neutralizes lighter and darker streaks. Furthermore, the stain’s resistance to fading in the sun is one of its best features. As a result, chocolate-stained walnut is the ideal option for tables that get direct or indirect sunlight, ensuring long-lasting color and richness.

Customization Options for Every Vision

There’s something for everyone in our collection, and as with all of our restaurant table tops, you can stick with the original color. We also offer espresso stain, which is even darker than chocolate. For restaurants looking for a more intense and bold statement in their restaurant design, this variant has an almost ebony-like depth. And for those who are in a dilemma over the most appropriate choice, we offer personalized assistance. We understand that selecting the right table top can be challenging. In order to help you decide, we provide substantial 12″ x 12″ samples so you can see how each option fits in with your restaurant design.

Lasting Quality

Staining isn’t the only part of our commitment to quality. We sand down every butcher block restaurant table top to a smooth finish, seal it, and then coat it with acrylic polyurethane in a matte finish. The finishing process isn’t just about achieving a beautiful sheen; it’s also about durability and maintenance. The acrylic polyurethane finish we use is one of the most durable in the business because it’s resistant to chemicals, wear, and heat. In addition to looking great, each table is built to withstand the rigors of restaurant use, so they’re a stylish and practical choice for any restaurant.

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