Walnut Butcher Block Original Tabletops



Walnut Butcher Block Original Tabletops

Restaurant Design: Walnut Butcher Block’s Rich Legacy

Walnut’s Versatility

It’s no secret that walnut butcher block restaurant table tops are popular in architecture and interior design. These wood butcher block restaurant tables aren’t just for restaurants; they’ve found their way into offices, art galleries, pubs, hotels, and even stadiums. Walnut butcher block tops have the unique ability to add class and sophistication effortlessly to any space.

Table Top Style: Butcher Block
Wood Species: Walnut
Wood Source: New
Lead Time: 3-4 weeks but may vary depending on the species and quantity ordered
Texture: Smooth
Edge Profile: Eased Edge, others available on request
Color Options: Chocolate, Espresso, Original
End Style: Full Plank
Thickness: 1-3/4″, others available on request
Staves: 3/4″

It’s Hard to Beat the Beauty of Walnut Wood Grain

Walnut wood has intricate grain patterns that make it beautiful. Various patterns contribute to a distinct look that is both eye-catching and universally admired, ranging from straight runs to tightly churning swirls. A walnut butcher block table’s natural variations make it a unique piece of art, revered for its ability to attract attention and add character to any room.

Using walnut to create holistic sensory experiences

In venues that aim to provide a holistic sensory experience, walnut is often the wood of choice. In such settings, every detail matters—from the quality of the food and drinks to the ambiance and décor. The walnut butcher block tables fit perfectly into this design goal, adding a level of beauty that complements and enhances the overall atmosphere. These restaurant tables aren’t just furniture; they’re integral parts of a venue’s aesthetic and experience.

Walnut Butcher Block Tables Customized

We understand that walnut table tops in their original color might not be the best fit for every design, so we offer several stained options to suit different tastes. Among them are our richly toned Chocolate and Espresso table tops. With these variations, you can get the same elegance in walnut, but with a small stain variation that will likely fit your style.

You can’t go wrong with our Standard Plank Walnut Tables if you love the beauty of walnut butcher block table tops but want something with an organic feel and wider staves. The staves are crafted from 1 1/2-to-2-inch wide wood, which retains walnut’s classic elegance while allowing a bit more character to show. Additionally, our Wide Plank restaurant table top option, made from 2-to-4-inch wide boards, presents another alternative, broadening the possibilities for incorporating walnut and all its character into various design concepts.  Should you want to further personalize your restaurant table tops, we suggest taking a look at the enhancements available.

Leading in durability and tactile perfection

All our solid wood table tops are meticulously crafted and sanded until they’re smooth, so they feel as good as they look.  Our acrylic polyurethane finish is the industry standard for wear, chemical, and heat resistance. The durability of these tables is unmatched, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas and commercial settings. This tried and proven finish ensures that the tables can withstand the rigors of heavy restaurant use while maintaining their elegance. This is similar to an artist carefully painting and then sealing their canvas, creating a masterpiece that is both beautiful and durable.

Regardless of the specific design or stain you choose, walnut butcher block tables are a fail-safe option. They bring timeless elegance and durability to any setting, making them a wise investment for any restaurant interior.  All in all, Walnut Butcher Block Tables are a great choice for any restaurant, office, or commercial setting.

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